Where To Find The Best And Trusted Mechanic For Your Car

by Callyourmechanic
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If you need a good mechanic to attend to your car repair issues, a sure place you can get one is at www.callyourmechanic.com

Call Your Mechanic is a car servicing company in Nigeria. It is a network of experienced mobile mechanics. The company has workshops at some designated centers. At Call Your Mechanic, customers are at liberty to decide where they want their car serviced; either at their home, office or at the workshop.

One beautiful thing about the company is that all its services are covered with warranty. because the company trusts the genuineness of all its spare parts and expertise of the mechanics, it is able to offer six months warranty on parts and labour.

On the economic aspect of using Call Your Mechanic to maintain your car, I can boldly say that the charge rate is relatively fair compared to other standard auto repair shops in Nigeria. Give it a try and you will call again.

Call Your Mechanic issues estimate to customers before repair is carried out. After repair, a standard invoice is issued to the customer for record purpose. Unlike other companies in Nigeria, the company gives free estimate to its customers for insurance claims and for any type of repair.

                Visit our website at www.callyourmechanic.com and contact a mechanic today. 

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