Servicing Your Car To Keep It Running At Maximum Capacity.

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Car servicing is a set of periodic repairs needed to be carried out on a car for it to always operate at optimum capacity. These repair processes are always stipulated in the owner’s manual by vehicle manufacturers. Unfortunately, most car owners and drivers do not adhere to these periodic repair/service procedures, hence resulting in poor performance and unexpected breakdowns.


Minor servicing basically includes; changing of engine oil and oil filter at a regular interval. This helps the engine to perform more efficiently. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend this to be done at about 5000km (about 3000miles) or three months, whichever is earlier.

Comprehensive servicing is comprised of the total periodic service requirements on a vehicle as mentioned by the vehicle manufacturer in owner’s manual. This usually includes; changing of engine oil, changing of oil filter, servicing of fuel injector nozzles, servicing of throttle body, replacement of spark plugs, adding of radiator coolant, changing of automatic transmission fluid(ATF) for automatic transmission cars, changing of gear oil for manual transmission cars, replacement or cleaning of air conditioner filter and engine air filter, adding of brake fluid, inspection of timing belt/chain and replacement, if needed, scanning of the vehicle for trouble codes, inspection of tyres ,checking of brake pads and lining, cleaning/changing of fuel filter etc .

During regular servicing, some problems are identified before they get worse.  This will save you from generating some large amount of repair bills in future. Driving a long distance to workshop for car servicing can be very stressful and time consuming. If you live in Nigeria, CALL YOUR MECHANIC is always available to service your car at your chosen location-either at your home, office or at its workshop.

  •              servicing of car regularly helps to elongate the life of the car
  •              It helps the car to operate more efficiently
  •              It helps to maintain good fuel consumption rate
  •              Ensures safety
  •              some failures are identified before they become dangerous
  •              It reduces cost of future repairs
  •              Improves resale value
  •              minimizes the rate of breakdown
  •              You drive with peace of mind.

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