How To Identify The Types Of Auto Parts In Your Car

by Callyourmechanic
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Auto spare parts are interchangeable component items in stock for the replacement of failed or damaged unit in a vehicle. Inventory of stock items are taken from time to time to ensure availability all the time. There are many auto spare parts dealers all around the world but quality differs from one supplier to the other. Because CALL YOUR MECHANIC trusts its auto parts suppliers for quality parts, it has been able to offer six months warranty on parts replaced on customer’s vehicle.  Auto spare parts can be classified in two namely; Consumable and non-consumable parts.

CONSUMABLE PARTS: these types of auto parts are not repairable when they fail or when found to be in bad state. Examples of consumable auto parts are brake pads, bushings, oil filter, etc

NON-CONSUMABLE PARTS: non-consumable parts can be repaired when they fail, depending on the nature of failure. Examples of non-consumable parts include:  Alternator, steering rack etc. Some failures are not economically okay to repair especially if the cost of repair is very close to the cost of purchasing a new one.

Apart from the cost of repair, most auto shops do not have warranty coverage for repair. This means a repair could be done on a component today and the same part breaks down tomorrow, the owner is left to his faith. Car owners should always consider this before approving repair on their vehicle.

In my own view, mechanics should be able to access the failed part and advise their customers accordingly. This will help to avoid unnecessary spending.

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